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When two powerful women choose to walk together in feminine leadership

3, 6 and 12 month investment in yourself and your biggest dreams

MONTHLY 75 minute in-person (AMS / NYC) or zoom session(s) with Juliet

Daily voice + text guidance on Telegram

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Hi my love! I am taking several special unique souls on for my private 1:1 mentorship. 

And, you might be one of them.

 The energy I'm looking for is a soul level MMM... YES! I want this!! I feel the pull.
A jolt of excitement + expansion deep inside of your core to work together and embody your true essence.

In your leadership.
In your heart.
And, in your soul.

Not because you need the coaching... but because it feels alive to play and dance in the realms of potentiality.

And, to be celebrated when things go well, 
and course-corrected when things do not.

 This is for you if you are ready to go all in. 

You are done with all the years of therapy/ trying so hard, 
and are ready to do less and get results.

And, you are ready to be loved up, fully accepted, and expanded like never before.

In this mentorship, I support you in becoming a leader whose outer results are a natural by-product of your inner alignment, intuition, heart + soul... and the strategy to support you in paving the way there. 

Topics we will explore:

The Masculine  
Crafting your clear messaging around your zone of genius 
Making a simple and powerful marketing content plan 
Organizing your offer suite + implementing/ experimenting with a selling strategy until they work (consistency here is the name of the game!) 

 The Feminine  

Supporting you with nourishing nervous system regulation 
Heart-led leadership (allowing your heart + passion to come through your content and online channels)
Business Energetics (using your human design + gene keys) and staying on course - Doing it until it works

... and, in the end, we blend the masculine + the feminine together so that they become ONE.

 This is where:

strategy meets soul, 

doing meets being, 

and action meets surrender.

All with taking into account your unique energetic design. 

 We take the bold moves together, bb. 

Heart to Heart

Power to Power

The Vibe

Having a right hand woman with you every step of the way
as you step into your sovereignty.
A mentorship that holds
soul, ceremony, strategy, healing and unconditional love + acceptance
A mentor who celebrates you when things go well... and helps you get back on track when they do not.

... And, my clients get incredible, life-changing results. 

Every. Single. Time. 

 I am proud to share that I hold some of the most loving, intimate and deeply transformational spaces online. 

What most therapists/ coaches get done in 6 months... we get done in 1.

 My containers are custom-designed for y o u. 

For your unique energy, desires, beautiful heart, needs, light and essence.

The mentor-client relationship is one of the highest forms of love.

What's Included

1 - 3  seventy five minute deep dive sessions / month

Daily Monday - Friday high-paced voice + text support
  depending on the package

Custom-made meditation/ hypnosis tracks to reprogram your subconscious, regulate your nervous system as you break glass ceilings after glass ceilings

Energetic feedback + high-level copy editing on your content *if you have an online business

VIP Vault Access with dozens of custom pleasure-filled practices, journaling prompts and modules to work on in tandem with the custom-work

... and I spoil you with much more!

Meet Your Guide

Hi love! I'm Juliet. 

My gift is seeing your highest self, 

and elevating you to that vision

    I'm an entrepreneur and badass business mentor with an MBA from Yale University

and pleasure coach from Layla Martin Institute of Tantric Studies.

I've dedicated my life to supporting women on the path of inner growth and feminine leadership, so that they can be heard and seen leading from their genius and serving from their hearts.

My mission is to make you feel safe and delicious shining in a way that feels congruent to who you truly are. It is safe to become a free vessel of feminine expression and multi-dimensional prosperity my love.

I welcome you. 

Priestess to Priestess 

xxx, Juliet


Ranges from € 500 to € 5,000 per month depending on the level of service.

See pricing below, and write to me at if you have any further questions/desire a customizable package that is not available below.

*There are a certain number of grant opportunities to supplement the cost of the work. Contact to discuss available grant opportunities.

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    Rapid Fire 3 Months with Juliet (incl. 2 monthly sessions and no telegram access)€3000.00
  • Preferred option
    The Priestess Path 6 months with Juliet (incl. 16 sessions and telegram access)€15000.00
  • Preferred option
    Soul Healing + Business 12 months with Juliet (3 sessions a month + telegram access)€30000.00

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