with Juliet Lippman

When two passionate women choose to walk together in feminine leadership

The Relaxed Woman.

The At-Ease Woman.

The Successful Woman.

She is the embodiment of self-worth, dances to the beat of her own drum and isn't afraid to take up space in the world.

Growing up, I didn't know many relaxed AND successful women.

Fortunate women, yes. 

Apologetic, fearful women, yup.

Controlling, competitive women, plenty.

As a society, we have separated the successful woman from the relaxed woman. The idea that one needs to act like a man in the patriarchy in order to succeed financially.

I'd like to become more like the relaxed woman in all areas of my life, particularly in business. I want to redefine what it means to be a relaxed AND successful woman. I'd like for both to go hand-in-hand.

Are you ready to embody this energy for yourself and future generations as well?!

Welcome babe. It's time.

In this mentoring space, I support you in becoming a leader whose outer results are a natural by-product of your inner alignment, intuition, and heart-based leadership. 

It is my utmost intention that you experience significant value and impact from working together and that you are satisfied with the results over-time.

The 3 Pillars We Will Explore Together:

 CLEARING difficult emotions, negative thoughts or stucknesses so that you can shine baby, shine! We do so by speaking to both the conscious "thinking" mind and the unconscious "emotional" mind at the same time through a light hearted conversation. I use a mix of Rapid Resolution Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and other potent energy healing tools to upgrade things that are good, but can get even better!

Inviting your wisdom to ground down through your body through the practice of BREATH-WORK. Breath-work IS emotional work. If you can take a second to lower your heart rate by how you are breathing,.. you end up thinking clearer, making better decisions, getting better results and achieving your wildest dreams baby.

 GET RESULTS and ACHIEVE YOUR BIG DREAMS  through staying true to vision, taking bite-sized action steps we strategize together and inviting in your most playful season yet!

For my entrepreneurs: I also support you in:
- Making a potent business PLAN (content plan, messaging, offer suite + a selling strategy)
- Learning to receive SUPPORT by growing your bad-ass team to get you there
Here my inner MBA nerd + years of business experience working for F100 companies + startups LOVES thinking strategically with you for maximum impact.

 We take the bold moves together, love. 

Heart to Heart

Power to Power

The Vibe

Having a right hand woman, your intimate confidante, your sparring partner with you every step of the way as you step into your most free, clear and potent time-line.

A mentorship that holds
soul, ceremony, strategy, healing and unconditional love + acceptance.
A mentor who celebrates you when things go well... and helps you get back on track when they do not.

... And, my clients get incredible, life-changing results. 

Every. Single. Time. 

 I am proud to share that I hold some of the most loving, intimate and deeply transformational spaces online. 

What most therapists/ coaches get done in six months... we get done in one.

 My containers are custom-designed for y o u. 

For your unique energy, desires, beautiful heart, needs, light and essence.

The mentor-client relationship is one of the highest forms of love.

What's Included

2 Clearing + Strategy sessions / month
(90 min) 

1 Breath-work session / month (60 min) 

Voice + text check-in support
Monday - Friday daily (telegram)

Feedback on your strategy/ content *if you have an online business* weekly 

*Sessions can take place in-person in Amsterdam or online*

Meet Your Guide

Hi love! I'm Juliet. 

I am a trusted mentor, guide, confidante, wing woman and inspirator to women.

 My coaching style blends a naturally loving, accepting and intuitive approach with research based tools to empower and transform. With thousands of hours coaching 500+ women in my private practice and a masters degree in business administration & research study on female pleasure from Yale School of Management, I am here to serve you in claiming the life you are passionate about, with no topic left untouched. Let's redefine success together, love, and achieve your own definition of success. 

I welcome you. 

Queen to Queen. 

xxx, Juliet

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