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as your most powerful and lovable self

2x MONTHLY 90 min VIP 1:1 sessions with Juliet
(or 3x 60 min sessions)
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Hi my love! I am taking several special unique souls on for my private 1:1 mentorship. 

And, you might be one of them <3

 The energy I'm looking for is a soul level, Yumm.... yessss. A jolt of excitement deep inside of your core to work together and embody ALL of you. 

Not because you need the coaching... but because it feels expansive af to play and dance in the realms of potentiality.

 In your sensuality. In your power. In your career. In your soul. 

 This is for you if you are ready to go all in. To unapologetically rise and take up space. To be messy af. To show up courageously, take aligned action, and trust. In yourself. In the higher forces at play. And you are ready to be loved up, cheered on, lifted and expanded like never before! <

I am proud to offer:


In Sensually Sovereign Femme, my 1-1 fem-empowerment coaching container, we lift off into your highest soul essence through merging tantra, neuroscience and shamanism

This is a highly feminine container for the woman who has risen as a successful leader by relying mostly on her more masculine, go-getter qualities, yet deeply desires leading more from her: 

femme genius, 





heart and soul.

In this feminine, 1:1 VIP portal, you will...

Reprogram your subconscious to align with your highest self through custom hypnoses, meditations and pleasure practices that allows you to feel open, safe and relaxed 

Learn to flirt with life, love, safety and bring your flirt energy to work!

Live life as a well-fucked woman who is full-body orgasmic and embraces ALL of your unique flavors

Land and lead from your heart by balancing your lower chakras and creating a strategy that allows your heart to trust your actions

Pave a new way for your most magnetic self to come through by dating yourself, first and radiating from the inside out

Welcome in multi-dimensional prosperity 

Welcome to a life full of freedom, mon amour.

The Vibe

Having a right hand woman with you every step of the way
as you step into your sovereignty.
A mentorship that holds
soul, ceremony, strategy, healing and love.

... And, my clients get incredible, life-changing results. 

Every. Single. Time. 

 I am proud to share that I hold some of the most loving, intimate and deeply transformational spaces online. 

 My containers are custom-designed for y o u. 

For your unique energy, desires, beautiful heart, needs, light and essence.

It's like a warm bath of love and deep devotion.

What's Included

Two 90 minute deep dive calls on Zoom / month
 (or 3 60 min sessions/ month)

Daily Monday - Friday high-paced telegram voice + text support

Custom-made meditation/ hypnosis tracks to reprogram your subconscious, regulate your nervous system as you break glass ceilings after glass ceilings

Human Design and Gene Key Reading and implementation into your strategy

VIP Vault Access with dozens of custom pleasure-filled practices, journaling prompts and modules to work on in tandem with the custom-work

... and I spoil you with more!

Meet Your Guide

Hi love! I'm Juliet. 

My gift is seeing your highest self, 

and elevating you to that vision at hyper-speed.

    I'm a badass business mentor with a Masters in Advanced Management from Yale University,

and pleasure coach from Layla Martin Institute of Tantric Studies.

In approximately 2 years, I've humbly built a sustainable multi-6 figure feminine and sacred business - in my dream city of Amsterdam - with a beautiful man, incredible friends, clients and pomchi pup named Pepe by my side. I've dedicated my life to lifting ambitious women into reclaiming their soul's purpose and living a high performing life from a nourished nervous system. 

 My mission is to make you feel SAFE shining in a way that feels congruent to who you truly are. It is safe to become a free vessel of feminine expression and wealth. 

 I welcome you. From my heart to yours, Juliet

I'll see you inside SENSUALLY SOVEREIGN, my love.


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